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Chiropractic MSK Clinical IQ Test & Enhancement Resources

Challenge yourself…Learn…Grow

Step 1:

Take the Test

Take this quick & confidential 7-question assessment to see your chiropractic musculoskeletal clinical IQ score.

3 minutes

Step 2:

Review answers

Watch this informative webinar for a quick review of any question, and arm yourself with new practical clinical knowledge- we promise you’ll learn something!

0:00   Webinar intro
1:38    Youth knee pain
3:27    Hip instability
7:50    Grade I/II sprains
10:42  Radicular arm pain
14:36  Directional preference
18:03  Lateral elbow pain
21:06  MD communication
23:49  Most common Dx

Step 3:

Build Skills & Resources

Access more tools that help keep your clinical IQ sharp. ChiroUp automates clinical & business excellence:

  • stay up to date for 100+ conditions
  • educate your patients
  • track clinical outcomes & patient satisfaction
  • market your top-notch outcomes
  • and save time…