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Evidence-Based Chiropractic

We automate the implementation of clinical, business, and marketing “best practices”… all customized to your practice

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Evidence-Based Chiropractic

We automate the implementation of clinical, business, and marketing “best practices”… all customized to your practice

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With only a few mouse clicks, you can deliver a customized, condition-specific, evidence-based chiropractic report of findings that answers your patient’s most important questions, improves compliance, and clearly separates you from the competition.


has never been easier…or better.

ChiroUp condition-specific reports and exercises improves your clinical outcomes and billable services- allowing you to practice with greater success and confidence. Plus, your patients will love being able to access online video demonstrations of their specific exercises… all branded to your clinic.

"I am a huge fan of ChiroUp.

It‘s one of those rare services that benefits both patient and doctor.  My patients love the format, the educational information and the videos.  I learn something new every time I log onto the site.  It has boosted my confidence as a clinician and my patients are more compliant, have better outcomes and are more satisfied with the care they receive. Priceless!!” Alan D. Hartley- Lake Wylie Family Chiropractic: South Carolina


Thirty days after you prescribe a condition report, your patient is automatically emailed a short, 4-question survey about their experience. Confidentially, you’ll be able to assess your chiropractic clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. As a bonus, you’ll receive automatic Google and HealthGrades® reviews from only your most satisfied patients.

"I use ChiroUp in my practice and it has been a great addition for patient education, retention, and compliance.

It clearly explains the diagnosis, in office treatments, home care, and rehab exercises. It has been an invaluable tool for the clinic’s growth. The Google review process is also amazingly simple and effective.” Dr. Abdollah Nejad- ChiroSports USA: California


In the same way that new patients use Google and Healthgrades, MD’s rely upon patient feedback. ChiroUp MD Connect is an automated chiropractic report generator that allows you to showcase your clinical outcomes by sending MD initial and release report summaries that attract attention, change opinions, and generate more referrals.


of clinical, business, and marketing “best practices”.


Review up-to-date “best practice” protocols for more than 90 conditions with video links to the most appropriate evaluations, treatment techniques, and exercises.


Access hundreds of chiropractic forms and tools from an extensive library.


Build a “patient-focused” practice while preserving your reputation, budget, and style of practice.



by organizing all of these resources into one cloud-based platform that integrates with any EHR.

“ChiroUp has been an amazing addition to my practice.

It helps with compliance to exercises as well as patient communication. I haven’t even begun to tap into all the resources. It’s everything my previous practice management group wasn’t and they’re not even a PM Group (and a heck of a lot cheaper)! They’ve helped me with clinical skill building, marketing, patient education, procedures, and the list goes on.” Garrett Bruni- Move! Chiropractic and Wellness, Gilberts, IL
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Tim Bertelsman D.C., CCSP, DACO

Brandon Steele D.C., DACO

David Flatt D.C., DABCO

Jess Brower D.C., DACRB

Glenn Bub D.C., DCBCN

James Lehmann, D.C., FACO

Robert Kuhn, D.C., DACBR, ART®

Scott Bautch, D.C., DACBOH, CCST, CCSP

Howard Chapel D.C., DABCO

Greg Markley D.C., DACO

Michael Barry, DC, DACBR


What Our Subscribers Are Saying

"It’s always been my position that the road to a successful chiropractic practice is paved with a relentless dedication to the patient.

That dedication encompasses: cutting edge clinical skills, evidence-based protocols, and an unwavering commitment to patient education. Chiro Up is a world class tool that allows me to provide the patient with a fully integrated approach to their recovery. It has been a tremendous asset to my practice and the patient feedback is incredible. There’s nothing else like it.” Dr. David Flatt, DACO- Northwestern Medicine: Chicago

“I was recently asked to give a second opinion on a soccer player with a high ankle sprain whose season was in jeopardy.

After a quick review of the ChiroUp condition summary, I was able to thoroughly evaluate and provide the most informed advice that I could, with 100% confidence that player would indeed be unable to play.” Dr. Jess Brower- Daviess Community Hospital: Indiana

“ChiroUp is an essential resource for every chiropractor wishing to maintain their clinical A-game.”

Dr. Andrew Fell- Mind and Body Chiropractic: Australia

"Great product! I have been using ChiroUp for over 2 years and highly recommend all chiropractors to check it out.

Great home care videos for patients, easy to make treatment plans with the most recent research backing it up.”

Dr. Micheal Quintana

"I just want to say that I love this site!

So much great information, easy to access and use- even as an experienced doc, this site has everything I need- from practice management to clinical pearls. Thank you for doing such a great job!”

Dr. Cheryl Vincent – Simsbury Chiropractic and Wellness Center: Simsbury, CT


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