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Evidence-based chiropractors accurately and quickly diagnose patients.  If the diagnosis is incorrect—clinical outcomes falter. If the examination is lengthy—practice growth stagnates.  However, asking the ideal questions and performing the most sensitive tests improves diagnostic accuracy and speeds up your initial evaluation.  These two components lead to greater patient satisfaction and practice growth.  In this quick video with Brandon and Tim, learn how emerging research may speed up your initial evaluation and lead to the correct diagnosis in the case of lumbar radiculopathy.

ChiroUp subscribers have 24/7 access to up-to-date best practice protocols for any of the structural diagnoses that contribute to lumbar radiculopathy i.e., disc lesion, degeneration, stenosis, etc. Visit the condition reference library for video demonstrations of the most appropriate evaluations, treatments, and exercises. 

Do you ChiroUp?

ChiroUp is different from any other chiropractic platform on the market. Our streamlined system makes patient education easier (& better) than ever. 

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