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We’re wrapping up 2021 with a compilation of our top content pieces of the year! If anything deserves a double-take, it’s this! 

We have a lot to celebrate with our first industry report, 50+ blogs, and the release of our monthly clinical webinars. We encourage you to share this page with a colleague you think might enjoy some of this content. See our top-performing content below!

2021 Chiropractic Outcomes & Patient Satisfaction Synopsis

This synopsis details how the chiropractic profession ranks in terms of four key healthcare performance indicators: patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and safety with data from the ChiroUp network.

Read the full industry report here →

"Fan-Favorite" Blogs

With over 50 blogs published this year, these were our most popular!

1. 3 Simple Nerve Flossing Exercises To Help Resolve Arm Pain

2. 3 Simple Tests to Identify SLAP Lesions

Guest Blogs

This year, we had the opportunity to collaborate with some experts in the industry for our blogs. Check them out below!

1. Dr. Jeff Williams – 4 Chronic Pain Concepts

2. Dr. Tom Michaud – The Latest Stretches and Exercises to Ensure Plantar Fasciitis Never Returns

Top Clinical Webinars

Each month of this year, we put on a clinical webinar for our community. Below were our top-performing webinars. Check them out!

1. 30 Minutes To Clinical Excellence: Tackling the Rotator Cuff

2. Top 3 Skills to Become the Go-To Doc for Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractic Software Wins

This past year we launched a series of releases: ranging from an entirely new platform, to beefing up our software with some top-requested functionality. Here are our biggest company wins of 2021: 

🚀  ChiroUp Version 3.0 (launched August 2021)

For our loyal subscribers who got to experience the update, this was by far our most noticeable update. Version 3.0 brought a totally different look that is patient-centered, intuitive, and loaded with new functionality requests. 

📍 We’re in 15 Countries! 

We’re celebrating over 2,000 providers in 15 different countries that are using ChiroUp’s software to leverage their clinical outcomes & success. Boo-yah! 

The ChiroUp Team! 

The team behind ChiroUp grew by 35%! When you work with ChiroUp, you’re working with real people that have your best interest in mind in everything we do! 

We are so proud of our chiropractic community and especially for our ChiroUp network of providers.

Want to know more about the company behind this blog? 

ChiroUp is not just a potent spot to get free chiropractic news; we are also an online software. Built BY chiropractors, FOR chiropractors. Our software helps over 2,000 providers around the world to apply “best practices” from initial diagnosis to post-care follow-up. If you aren’t part of our network yet, now is the time to join in! Try us for free for 14-days. 

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