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You asked for it, and as of January 5, ChiroUp will deliver the most requested piece of functionality from 2020. Mobile-friendly outcomes assessment questionnaires are here! Today you will see a glimpse into where ChiroUp is going in 2021: mobile technology designed to make you and your patients’ lives easier.  

Read below or watch this quick tutorial.

What You Need to Know

Delivering outcomes assessments to your patients will never be more simple. To begin, click on the new SURVEYS button in the top banner. Then select the correct patient, proper questionnaire, and delivery mechanism.  🡪 DONE

Your patients will receive a link to fill out the appropriate mobile-friendly form. Each form is linked to their account and is accessible until complete. There are no passwords to remember! Upon completing the questionnaire, ChiroUp calculates the score and responses displayed on your dashboard in the notifications section.  

You can also view individual results in the new SURVEYS section in the Patient Data menu. Keep in mind the 30-DAY SURVEYS and PAIN LEVEL SURVEYS reside in this same menu.

Staff delivery of the proper disability index takes on average 3.5-5 minutes. It then takes the patient, on average, 3.5-5 minutes to complete. Then, your office staff takes an additional 1 minute to score. (1) ChiroUp does this all in under one minute!

What Your Patients Can Expect

Your patients can expect an easy survey to fill out with point-and-click functionality. Patients can access surveys via text message or email. These forms are available at any time. If the patient does not fully complete a survey, they will return to the last unanswered question upon clicking the link again.

How I Plan On Using It

It’s not often my staff is more excited than I am about a new office procedure. Our office plans on using this functionality starting on Monday with every new patient and re-examination — And as a ChiroUp subscriber, you can too. 

This the first of many BIG changes we’re planning to launch in 2021. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any questions or suggestions. 

Not yet a subscriber?  

Over 1,000 chiropractors from around the world are INVESTING in ChiroUp to take their practice from good to GREAT this year, and we want YOU to be a part of it! 



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