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ChiroUp allows you to access video tutorials of best-practice evaluations, treatments, & exercises for nearly 100 different conditions. Each management template is entirely customizable, so you have the flexibility to update your protocols as you learn new skills, and then review that information whenever you need it.  

The difference between professional success and failure is your ability to employ the right knowledge at the right time. ChiroUp makes that easy. Get started with a resource that will help you pass the tests that matter most, from exams to boards, and, most importantly, your future patient interactions.


ChiroUp provides up-to-date, evidence-based learning resources to compliment your curriculum. ChiroUp’s comprehensive content is subdivided into short tutorials that can be incorporated into any lesson plan or case management strategy.

Plus, educators and clinicians can customize components to match their teaching. ChiroUp’s knowledge-transfer resource helps your students develop the evidence-based critical reasoning skills that are essential to their success. ChiroUp empowers schools and educators with a value-added bonus that compliments their existing curriculum.

“It’s like having a rehab professor at your fingertips!”
– Dr. Cliff Atwell | Coastal Medical and Wellness Center

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