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Identifying reliable sources of credible information is difficult.  Harvesting new knowledge is necessary for evidence-based practice; however, it is becoming more difficult as the news and social media can sometimes polarize content to push an agenda.  We understand the dilemma of knowing what sites, resources, and people are trusted sources of information.  Our mission at ChiroUp is to change the perception of the chiropractic profession by educating the public, professional organizations, and our subscribers with unbiased and factual information.

Today’s blog will interview a highly respected source of information–Dr. Marc Bronson from the Evidence-Based Chiropractic Facebook group. We’ll break down Dr. Bronson’s standard for credible evidence, and then explain how ChiroUp utilizes similar peer-reviewed literature sources and automatically delivers content to you and your patients.

Watch Marc Bronson and Brandon Steele discuss the best ways to harvest knowledge and efficiently transfer that research into your clinical practice.

Scouring the literature for credible, evidence-based information is a process. It’s a constant commitment to sharpening your clinical knowledge.

Fortunately, ChiroUp automates many of the tasks and timely processes that Dr. Bronson mentions in the video.  We have developed a potent tool within ChiroUp designed to assist in the knowledge transfer process: the Clinical Skills Condition Reference. Every month your ChiroUp team will synthesize new data within the first month it is published and deliver it to you and your patients immediately.  It once took over a decade to incorporate new research findings into clinical practice.  ChiroUp is now helping you do that within days.

Check out the video below for how ChiroUp keeps you up-to-date automatically.

There has never been a better time than now to re-evaluate your office processes and refine your standard of care. If you want to see how you can use ChiroUp in your clinic, we invite you to set up an account today. Our plans & pricings page will let your review our options (including a free trial.) We hope to see you onboard, 

Tim & Brandon

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