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To connect chiropractors to an online platform of exceptional evidence-based clinical and business resources that are simple to access and implement today- thereby improving clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and practice incomes tomorrow.

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Dr Tim Bertlesman
Tim Bertelsman D.C., CCSP, DACO
Dr Brandon Steele
Brandon Steele D.C., DACO
David Flatt D.C., DABCO
David Flatt D.C., DABCO
Jess Brower D.C., DACRB

Jess T. Brower, DC, DACRB, Cert. MDT, CCSP

James Lehmann, D.C., FACO
James Lehmann, D.C., FACO
Robert Kuhn, D.C., DACBR, ART®
Robert Kuhn, D.C., DACBR, ART®
Scott Bautch, D.C., DACBOH, CCST, CCSP
Scott Bautch, D.C., DACBOH, CCST, CCSP
Howard Chapel D.C., DABCO
Howard Chapel D.C., DABCO
Greg Markley D.C., DACO

Michael Barry, DC, DACBR

Greg Markley D.C., DACO

Jeffrey Tucker D.C., DACRB

Greg Markley D.C., DACO

Tom Hyde D.C., DACBSP

Greg Markley D.C., DACO

Stephen Perle D.C., ICCSP

Dr Lauren Jordan

Lauren Jordan, DC

Evidence-based care and measured clinical outcomes are here to stay, so chiropractors need to be “on top of their game” in order to survive and grow. Providers who deliver safe, fast, and effective resolution of conditions will be rewarded, regardless of who is paying the bill.

ChiroUp was created by practicing chiropractors to help DC’s stay on top of the ever-changing health care landscape. Our directors understand how to run a successful, outcome-based practice. They are respected authors and instructors who are leaders in our profession. They are associated with the best institutions, programs and associations. They have attained post-graduate certifications in orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation and sports medicine. Our directors are role models who practice, live and teach “quality” care. They stay on top of the current literature and teach you how to implement constantly evolving “best practices”. Most importantly, they know how to succeed! They “live in the trenches” and run some of the most thriving and respected clinics in our profession.

ChiroUp provides subscribers with hundreds of years of clinical and business experience! ChiroUp is an incredible database of “best-practice” knowledge, offering the most essential advice for you and your patients. As a subscriber, you’ll have access to valuable clinical, business and marketing resources for building an exceptional practice by focusing on patient care.

ChiroUp provides you with a proven system to heal patients quickly and attract new patients in large numbers. Simply stated, ChiroUp helps you create a product that patients and payors “want to buy” rather than one that you “need to sell”.

Our name was inspired by a motivational message given by a great chiropractic leader, Dr David Flatt, about a bumper sticker that read, “Are you going to Cowboy Up… or just lay there and bleed?” When facing challenges, we each have a choice to make. ChiroUp provides you the tools to grow your practice, engage your patients and deliver real results.



Clinical outcomes are becoming the standard for reimbursement. Our team of chiropractic experts scours peer-reviewed journals for you, extracting the most useful information to help you help others, quickly.


Our exercise protocols are evidence-based…meaning your patients recover quicker by performing the best exercises for their condition. Guide your patients on their path to recovery through specifically designed and easy to follow pieces.


You’ll have access to an electronic library with dozens of customizable administrative forms and policies to smoothly run your business office.


Create a marketing plan for your style of practice with step-by-step implementation advice, alongside a library of professionally- designed samples to set the groundwork for you to attract more patients right away.