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Have you ever heard the question, “Will my disc ever heal?” Well the answer may be yes. According to a JMMT case report by Takasaki in 2010; migration of the nucleus pulposus is possible using McKenzie Directional Therapy.

“The McKenzie management strategy of mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT) is commonly used for the assessment and management of spinal problems. Within this system, ‘derangement syndrome’ is the most common classification, for which the conceptual model is an intra-discal displacement. However, the reduction of an intra-discal displacement by MDT has never been documented. The purpose of this study was to compare, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the nucleus pulposus (NP) profiles before and after the use of this approach.” Using directional therapy the authors were able to reduce the disc protrusion and abolish low back pain while centralizing buttock pain. Initially, the MRI showed a portion of the NP displaced right and posteriorly towards the side of pain, and an overall NP position in the coronal plane shifted to the left. The patient was managed with a 1-month course of the McKenzie management strategy. One month later, the displaced portion of the NP was no longer present and the left-shifted NP was centrally located. These intervertebral disc changes coincided with centralization and abolition of symptoms. This case may support the conceptual model of MDT.

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