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Chiropractic Leadership Jumps


A father poses a seemingly simple question to his young son: “If three frogs are sitting on a stump and one decides to jump to a lily pad, how many frogs are left on the stump?” The young son quickly comes up with the obvious answer of “Two”.

His father responds by saying “Wrong… there are still 3 frogs left on the stump. One only “decided” to jump- he never took action.”

This story can be applied to our personal and professional lives. How many times have you “decided” but never jumped?

Spending the past week at the ACA National Chiropractic Leadership Conference allowed Dr. Steele and I to speak with many influential chiropractors- people like Dr. Jim Lehman, who is at the forefront of integrating chiropractic into Federally Qualified Health Plans; Dr. Jeff Tucker who has been instrumental in advancing a Rehab specialty for our profession; Dr.’s Steven Pearle and Dana Lawrence who are a pioneers and role models for evidence-based chiropractic education; Dr. Tom Hyde who has invested a lifetime advancing sports-based education and practice; and Dr. Roberto Filho who leads more than 1000 of his peers in their quest toward professional licensure in Brazil.

All of these leaders have one thing in common- they had an idea that inspired them to act…and then they jumped! Our profession was built by ordinary chiropractors who took a chance then refused to abandon their vision.

What calls you call to action? What strategy has been simmering in your heart, awaiting the chance to grow? Whether your inspiration is to become the best clinician in your area or to revolutionize the profession- it’s time to act.

For more inspiration, check out this 3 minute Ted talk on 8 essential actions for success:

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About the Author

Dr. Bertelsman graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic with honors in 1991 and has been running a large successful multi disciplinary practice in Belleville, IL for over 20 years. He is an expert on establishing relationships within the medical community. He has lectured nationally for many years on clinical and business topics and has been published extensively. He has served in various leadership positions within the Illinois Chiropractic Society and currently serves as Vice-President of the executive board. Dr. Berteslman is a Co-founder of ChiroUp.

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