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This week’s blog addresses one of the essential chiropractic questions- How do I fill my schedule with more patients? Providers who employ effective strategies typically enjoy busy practices filled with satisfied patients, while providers who ignore these tactics often struggle. 

After working with more than 1000 of the world’s most successful evidence-based chiropractors, your ChiroUp team has learned a lot about thriving practices – and we’re spilling the beans. 

Read on to see our top four strategies for attracting and keeping new patients, including samples with straightforward implementation steps.  

Top Strategy #4

Build an Organic “New Patient Funnel”

Marketing funnels include planned strategies that allow patients to engage with your service. This journey’s core components generally include a robust website, an interactive social media presence, and a blog. Here’s a quick look at each:

Social Media Presence has become one of the essential components of any business marketing plan. Consider these tips:

  • Choose one or two platforms that you can manage well instead of a haphazard presence on several. The top contenders would be Facebook or Instagram.
  • Take the time to create valuable content that allows you to engage with your followers regularly. (Keywords: valuable and regularly!)
  • Be sure to monitor posts regularly to not “abandon” or neglect followers who are corresponding with you. Commenting back on your posts lets your followers know that you hear them and that you care. 
  • Include a clear call to action on every post. What action do you want the patient to take? If you want to direct them to your website, include the link! If you want them to call and schedule an appointment, include your number and let them know to call! 

Posting takes time – take a look at ChiroUp’s Plus Package for your hands-off solution to daily automatic social media posting.

Blog posting on your website and distributing that content to your followers is a valuable strategy to garner attention. (you’re reading this message:-) 

Be sure to post engaging and shareable content at least monthly, and don’t forget to incorporate text keywords that are natural search topics for prospective patients (i.e., chiropractor, low back pain, etc.) 

Click the icon below to check out a sample patient blog for inspiration.

Website– Your website is the logical landing site for most of your external marketing outreach. 

Be sure that your website contains information that builds confidence in your patient’s decision to visit your clinic by including: 

  • WHO they can expect to care for them: pictures & bios for the doctor(s) and staff
  • WHAT they can expect you to treat: the conditions that you treat, and how 
  • WHERE they can find you: clinic address and contact information 
  • WHY your clinic is the right choice: positive Google reviews (where allowed)
  • HOW to take the next step: include buttons and calls to action that direct them to where they can schedule appointments or contact your clinic

Pro Tip ChiroUp Premium benefits can do the heavy lifting for you with:

  • Automatic daily social media posting to stay vibrant with compelling messages
  • Monthly patient blog/ newsletters to establish yourself as the clinical expert
  • ChiroUp lay text and video content incorporated into ClinicSites® webpages 
  • Automatic Google reviews to reassure prospects and improve your website SEO

Not yet a premium subscriber? Click here to learn more.

Top Strategy #3

Stimulate Referrals

Marketing to your existing patients is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow your practice. Many times, patients assume that a provider is too busy for additional new patients!

If you’re looking to grow your referrals, you must let your patients know you are open & eager to care for their friends & family. This means you should be consistently asking your patients for a referral.

One of the most opportune times to request a referral is the first time a patient tells you that they’re feeling better. At that point, providers should ask for a referral with a message similar to this: 

“Tom, I’d like to ask you for a favor. If you like what I have done for you, I’d like you to tell someone else who could benefit from my care. They can come in, and I’ll do my best to figure out how to get them feeling better quickly. Would you do that for me?”

Be sure to recognize ALL support when someone refers to you! Consider sending a personally signed thank you note immediately and call the referrer that evening to let them know how much you appreciate their support and confidence. 

*Providers should avoid disclosing names or case details to avoid violating HIPPA laws in conversations and notes. 

Pro Tip: 

ChiroUp subscribers can access a complete strategy description in the ChiroUp referral enhancement marketing campaign. Additionally, your Homepage Boost® tabs for Likelihood to Refer and Patient Satisfaction contain step-by-step implementation instructions, including scripts, messages, and samples proven to boost referrals.

Strategy #2

Market to Medical Physicians

Working closely with local medical physicians and ancillary professionals is a surefire way to boost your referrals and establish your reputation as the conservative care authority. 

Building strong relationships will take time and energy, but the outcome is well worth the effort. This strategy benefits you individually, plus it helps promote the entire chiropractic profession. Here are the two essential steps to increasing your MD referrals:

Initial Report

Click here for a sample

Unfortunately, when it comes to SOAP notes, busy physicians will generally not take time to read your multi-page initial note; however, they will appreciate a brief personalized summary that shows you have a logical plan of care and are interested in communicating.

Release Report

Click here for a sample

Regardless of our professional degree, MDs and DC’s all have failed cases mixed into our many clinical successes. Unfortunately, since the successes don’t seek additional care, we primarily see each other’s failures – distorting our perception of others’ value. Consistently relaying your positive outcomes improves medical perceptions and referral patterns.

Strategy # 1

Provide the Most Desirable Service

If you’re not getting what you want from your practice, then you’re not giving people what they want, …and you can’t get better by giving people what they don’t want.

The number of referrals that you receive each month is a direct reflection of your services’ quality. Patients desire a highly consumerized product. Your goal should be to create engaged patients who cannot imagine a world without you. Providers who focus on “excellence” are in high demand. Excellent service has four components: 

  • Attention – including competence, compassion, and comfort. Patients need to know that the practice is not just about policies and money, but instead taking care of them with every available option on every visit.
  • Convenience – which is the ability for the patient to walk in off the street and walk out feeling better without any unnecessary hassles
  • Effectiveness – the ability to achieve treatment goals quickly
  • Value – minimizing the overall cost of care and can be expressed by the formula: Value = Results/ (Price x Time)

Pro Tip ChiroUp exists to help chiropractors automate clinical and business best practices. Subscribers can:

  • Access best-practice protocols for more than 100 conditions, including video tutorials to keep your skills up-to-date.
  • Deliver a customized condition-specific report of findings with exercises in less than 20-seconds to empower patients and boost compliance.
  • Collect automatic Google and Healthgrades reviews from your most satisfied patients to differentiate your practice from competitors and boost SEO.

Ready to put these strategies into action? 

Save time by streamlining your patient education, outcome tracking, and marketing in one easy-to-use system. Try it for 14 days- no cost, no commitment.

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