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Chiropractors proudly tell patients “we don’t just mask the symptoms- we treat the cause!”- And then go on to adjust C5 fourteen visits in a row because it keeps “going out”. Treating the site of a patient’s pain should not be confused with addressing the cause of their problem. To maintain credibility and generate enthusiastic supporters, we sometimes need to search deeper for biomechanical or postural deficits at the root of the problem. Every DC should be intimately familiar with the following four syndromes that perpetuate musculoskeletal pain.

Upper Crossed Syndrome results from chronic postural shortening of the upper trapezius, pectoralis major, SCM and levator with concurrent weakness of the rhomboids, serratus anterior, middle and lower traps and deep neck flexors including the scalenes.

Lower Crossed Syndrome results from hypertonicity in the thoraco-lumbar erectors, rectus femoris, iliopsoas, TFL and concurrent weakness of the abdominals, particularly the transversus abdominus, and the gluteal muscles.

Foot Hyperpronation may result from failure of one or more components of this arch. The foot is responsible for flexibility, dynamic stability and propulsion. The anatomy creating the medial longitudinal arch of foot is exposed to tremendous stress and like other tissues may break down, contributing to a myriad of problems.

Paradoxical Breathing is a dysfunctional breathing pattern with detrimental spinal consequences. A normal breathing pattern is necessary for not only respiration, but for spinal stability as well. The diaphragm is a key component of core stability and should properly activate upon demand. Rehabilitation of dysfunctional patterns is essential, yet often overlooked.

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As chiropractors, we owe it to every patient to identify and implement correction strategies that prevent and address the true root of their problem. Your ChiroUp membership provides you access to the latest protocols for these and many other conditions.


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