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The aforementioned quote is pertinent to our profession. In school we gathered as groups and fought our battles together. In practice, we become progressively more independent and isolated from our peers. All too often we become the “lone wolf”, forgetting that we are part of a larger pack.

We know that we’re in a jungle. The challenges we face have never been greater: national health reform, state based insurance exchanges/marketplaces, threats to our state licenses from MD’s and PT’s, exploding post-payment audits, and growing co-pays.

But opportunity is the partner of challenge. We are on the brink of change and our future will largely be governed by the actions of the pack. Few of us have the ability to influence legislation individually, but as a pack we can and do!

We can each expand our circle of influence by joining our state and national organizations. These groups are fighting for our right to practice and earn a living. In recent years the ACA has advanced some very important legislation including the “any willing provider” clause in the national health reform bill.

Our jungle has become less threatening because of these important victories , but to seize the greater opportunity that lies in front of us, we must band together even stronger.

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