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I recently spent time with a chiropractor that has seen almost ten thousand new patients in the past twenty years. Over 80% of these patients have come from two sources: existing patient referrals and medical referrals. His clinic spends little to no money on external advertising, but instead revolves around one core value: Place the patient’s best interest ahead of all others.

As chiropractic business owners we’re faced with two, sometimes competing, desires; the desire to restore health as quickly as possible and the desire to generate maximum income from our practice. Patients see our unspoken motives and will vote with their feet. Only when you help others get what they want will you get what you want.

We grow by offering a service that is needed & desired. This creates a comfortable environment for the patient. This does not limit our growth but rather creates exponential growth. Competent physicians who place their patients needs above all else are in high demand. Physicians who focus on their patients needs tend to quickly build referral-based practices, filled with loyal patients.

I can imagine a world in the not too distant future where insurance reimbursement for chiropractic services disappears. If this happens, consumers will obviously no longer choose a chiropractor based on network status.

In the future, the need for our services will thrive, but patients will choose providers more selectively based upon effectiveness, value and convenience. Seek to provide a product people want to buy rather than one you need to sell. Remember, you can’t get better at selling a service that no one wants.

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