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ChiroUp Webinar Series

Survive & Thrive


Expert Advice to Building Healthy Practices in Any Environment

Building a thriving practice is tough, and maintaining success is even tougher when life spits out challenges… like a global pandemic for instance. But regardless of the circumstances, healthy practices must find ways to overcome many challenges. 

The goal of this webinar is to equip you with the knowledge to build & maintain a healthy practice so that we can endure tough challenges and ultimately emerge even stronger and better prepared to thrive in any environment

Join ChiroUp founders  Dr. Tim Bertelsman and Brandon Steele for an 12-module, members-only webinar series detailing the specific actions that you can take today to survive and thrive!


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March 18
Lowering Your Overhead: What To Do & What Not To Do
March 20
Canceled Appointments? Recall & Re-Activation Strategies to Take Back Your Patients
March 23
Telemedicine: Strategies for Maintaining Cash Flow When In-office Care is Not an Option

ChiroUp subscribers can download the guide in the FORMS LIBRARY of their account. Search: TELEHEALTH

March 25
Low-Cost Marketing: 10 Potent Social  Media Strategies for Long-Term Growth

Increasing Your Patient Referrals: Implementing the #1 Growth Tactic in Your Practice: Word-of-Mouth

Patient Education Simplified: How to Create Compliance in Your Patients by Saying the Right Thing

Generate More MD Referrals: Why You Should be Communicating Your Outcomes

Boost Your Google Reviews: Become the Obvious Provider of Choice in Your Community

Billing 101: Confidentitally Bill & Document for Your Services

Expert Advice: Delivering Optimal Outcomes for Every Patient, Every Time

Stay Up-To-Date…Automatically: Becoming a “Guru” in the Chiropractic Industry

Industry Hack: Here’s How to Save Time AND Scale Your Practice

All live webinars will be hosted at noon (CST). Subscribers may access any webinar live or on-demand afterward by visiting the new Survive and Thrive homepage menu tab.

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I cannot express my satisfaction enough – 6 stars. Saves enormous amounts of time and improves both doctor confidence and patient results. Every chiro needs to at least try these products.” 
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