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To-do lists help keep us organized and focused, but sometimes, to-do lists can become a frustrating process of carrying over tasks from one day to the next. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed by the size of your list, it may be time to put your to-do list on a diet. Begin by identifying what is truly most important for you to check off today, i.e. the “80:20” action that will produce the greatest results.

Then automate, delegate, and eliminate:

First, decide which actions can be automated, like automatically paying bills online or tuning up your email system to better identify junk mail.
Next, look for those tasks that may be delegated, like opening mail or taking the deposit to the bank.
Finally, critically assess your list for actions that can be eliminated without creating much of a problem. This requires learning to say “no” to the less important things in order to have more time to say “yes” for what matters most.

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