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Prescribing exercises has never been quicker… or better.

Prescribe exercises quickly and with assurance, knowing your plans are consistent with the latest research…and patients will love being able to access “your” online video demonstrations of their specific exercises so they can utilize their personalized printed or emailed exercise program with confidence.
  • Ability to quickly create a customized exercise plan from our exercise and ADL/ lifestyle database containing hundreds of options.
  • Select exercises individually or utilize and modify pre-selected exercise protocols for over 70 different musculoskeletal conditions based on current evidence.
  • Choose region-specific exercises from the following sub categories: PROM, AROM, Stretch, Stability, Ball/ Band, Weights, Proprioception and Functional. (view sample)
  • Add ADL/ lifestyle advice including recommendations on; diet, exercise, posture, weight loss, smoking cessation, lifting mechanics, shoe selection, workstation ergonomics, mattress/ pillow selection, and many more.
  • Choose multiple exercise protocols for a given patient and the program will automatically generate an integrated, seamless plan eliminating redundancies or conflicts with prescribed exercises and ADL’s.
  • Print or email professionally-designed exercise plans with clear pictures and descriptions. Patients can click a link or scan a QR code to view video demonstrations of their specific exercise plan on their computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Offer patients immediate access to “your” exercise video demonstration website complete with your clinic information and logo, ensuring they are compliant and excited. (view sample)
  • Empower your staff to create exercise plans by using printable “exercise icon menu’s” to simplify ordering. (view sample)


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