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Custom patient education reports

With only a few mouse clicks, you can deliver a customized, condition-specific, evidence-based chiropractic report of findings that answers your patient’s most important questions, improves compliance, and clearly separates you from the competition.

Online patient exercise videos

Condition-specific exercises that your patients can access online.

Automatic Google & Healthgrades reviews

Thirty days after you prescribe a condition report, your patient is automatically emailed a short, 4-question survey about their experience.

Outcome & patient satisfaction surveying

Confidentially, you’ll be able to assess your chiropractic clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

MD Initial visit & release summaries

ChiroUp MD Connect is an automated chiropractic report generator that allows you to showcase your clinical outcomes by sending MD initial and release report summaries that attract attention, change opinions, and generate more referrals.

Evidence-based protocols for over 90 conditions

We’ve researched and written detailed, evidence-based protocols for the assessment and management of the most common conditions you treat.

Videos of tests and treatments

Hundreds of clinical pearls and integrated video links demonstrating the most practical orthopedic tests and chiropractic treatment techniques.

Clinical & business forms library

Unlimited access to a well-organized library of clinical forms including: regional exam forms, screenings and evaluations, intake questionnaires, referrals, orders, disability slips, and much more.

Professionally designed marketing strategies & samples

Unlimited access to a library of professionally-designed marketing pieces ready for you to customize and grow your business.