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[title size=”2″]“I’ve tried everything and nothing has helped.”[/title]

How many times have you heard this from frustrated new patients, or worse yet, felt this as a provider? If your new patient is presenting with a problem amenable to your skill set, you beam with confidence in knowing that you hold a key to their health. If their problem eludes your knowledge, then you’ll both be repeating this mantra with increasing levels of frustration and disappointment. Weather or not you’ll be successful depends largely on the number of tools (techniques) in your toolbox and how sharp you keep them.

All of our toolboxes have “drawers”, representing categories of skills and techniques. Some toolboxes have one drawer, while others have many. In the future, the need for our services will thrive, but patients will choose providers more selectively based upon “effectiveness”, “value” and “convenience”. The size of your toolbox largely influences clinical “effectiveness”. Expedited treatment plans with attention to resolving functional deficits are paramount to “value” and your office policies shape “convenience”. Remember, you can’t get better at selling a service that no one wants to buy.

A “single drawer” D.C who “pounds down the high spots” will no doubt help a percentage of patients, but utilizing multiple well-honed skills in carefully crafted, diagnosis oriented, treatment plans will improve their odds significantly. It matters not where we begin, but we can all prepare for tomorrow by filling our toolbox today.

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