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ChiroUp is honored to partner with hundreds of exceptional providers in 5 countries throughout the world. Synthesizing this data has allowed us to identify the top performers for multiple diagnoses. We have invited these some of our stars to share their clinical recipes. Having this information at your fingertips is like having the world’s best clinician for each diagnosis standing in your office!

We are pleased to announce our newest “Expert advice” presentation. Check out the attached video where Dr. Chad Tuten of Bainbridge, Georgia shares his clinical protocol for treating Thoracic Intersegmental Joint Dysfunction.  Dr. Tuten is a clinical outcomes “rock-star”, achieving well above average improvement with shorter than average treatment plans for many diagnoses! Plus after almost 1000 prescriptions, virtually all of his patients rated their care as “Excellent”.  (Now that’s a service that patients “want to buy” rather than one he “needs to sell”.)

If you’re expecting to see Dr Tuten show us some high-tech, revolutionary new technique, you might be surprised. Dr Tuten’s expert advice reminds us that sometimes, simple mechanical problems respond best to simple mechanical solutions.

You will find Dr Tuten’s video along with ChiroUp’s growing collection of Expert Advice videos by navigating to the Grey box under the Sharpen my clinical skills/ Condition reference tab. By working together, we will redefine the standard of care and make chiropractic the undeniable best choice for patients and payors!

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