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Our patient education reports are evidence-based…meaning your patients recover quickly by receiving best advice for their condition. Guide your patients on their path to recovery through specifically designed and easy to follow pieces.

The ease of getting these important materials into your patient’s hands will not only be a time-saving benefit to you, but also benefit your patients by offering them a clear, concise resource that helps them understand their problem and why your treatment is necessary.

“When patients understand you, they trust you. When they trust you, compliance and outcomes improve.”


  • Quick and simple report creation: Enter the patient’s name, select their condition(s), indicate treatment frequency, duration, & outcome goals… Done! (view sample)
  • Valuable answers to your patients questions including; “What’s wrong,” “Can you help me?,” “What can I do to help myself?,” and “How long will this take?”
  • Comprehensive reports including: Understandable “lay” descriptions of their condition(s) with professional illustrations; an overview description of the treatment you will provide; frequency & duration of care; outcome goals; appropriate exercises & home advice; and even “red-flag” symptoms to look out for (when appropriate).
  • Suggested but customizable, condition-specific exercises, ADL advice and treatment recommendations based on “best-practice” evidence for over 70 different musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Suggested exercise protocols are easily modified or you can create your own plan from our exercise and ADL/ lifestyle database containing hundreds of options.
  • ADL/ lifestyle advice including recommendations on: diet, exercise, posture, weight loss, smoking cessation, lifting mechanics, shoe selection, workstation ergonomics, mattress/pillow selection and many more.
  • Integrated, seamless reports are automatically generated by choosing multiple diagnoses for a given patient, eliminating redundancies or conflicts with prescribed exercises and ADL’s.
  • Professionally-designed reports that can be printed or emailed. Patients can click a link or scan a QR code to view video demonstrations of their specific exercise plan on their computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Printable “menu’s” to simplify ordering, allowing your staff to efficiently create reports. (view sample)


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