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“Hence, despite a lack of symptoms, flatfoot deformity in asymptomatic flat feet affected function. Yet, contrary to what was expected, symptomatic flat feet did not show greater deviations in 3D foot kinematics than asymptomatic. Symptoms may rather depend on tissue wear and subjective pain thresholds.” 


So flat feet create common compensations in the lower foot–with or without pain. We all know that every tissue has a capacity to do work. Injury occurs when a person exceeds the capacity of the weakest tissue (plantar fasciitis, turf toe, etc). Treatment should encompass orthopedic considerations (orthotic), functional corrections (foot intrinsic stability, ankle rocker mobilization, etc), and modifying activity level during recovery.
Be sure to look at the functional exams within ChiroUp to help address all the variables leading to your patient’s pain. These include 1. Foot Hyperpronation Cluster 2. Upper Cross Syndrome 3. Lower Cross Syndrome 4. Hip Instability Cluster.

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