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I often hear the question, “How do I build a successful practice?” What this usually means is: “How do I attract more new patients?” I always respond simply—focus on the patient and do a good job! A successful practice is a side effect of being clinically competent and patient centric. Check out our recent video blog on how to build a successful evidence based practice.



About the Author

Dr. Brandon Steele

Dr. Brandon Steele


Dr. Steele began his career at The Central Institute for Human Performance. Dr. Steele has trained with experts including Pavel Kolar, Stuart McGill, Brett Winchester, and Clayton Skaggs. He has been certified in Motion Palpation, DNS, ART, and McKenzie Therapy. Dr. Steele lectures extensively on clinical excellence and evidence-based musculoskeletal management. He currently practices in Swansea, IL and serves on the executive board of the ICS.

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