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The ChiroUp design team has created a useful new infographic to help answer your patient’s most common treatment room questions:

  • I don’t remember an injury, so what did I do to cause this problem?
  • Do I really need to come in 3 times this week?
  • I felt great after the first 2 treatments so why do I feel worse today?
  • How important are my home exercises?
  • Can I quit as soon as I feel good?

This graphic helps educate patients and save you time. Evidence-based providers should find great value in this new tool. If you would like a printed color copy for your treatment room, simply email support@ChiroUp.com .

For a more clinical perspective on the “water glass” concept, check out this prior blog and login to ChiroUp.com today for hundreds of other useful clinical and business resources.

Click to Download the Water Glass Infographic.

About the Author

Dr. Tim Bertelsman

Dr. Tim Bertelsman


Dr. Tim Bertelsman graduated with honors from Logan College of Chiropractic and has been practicing in Belleville, IL since 1992. He has lectured nationally on various clinical and business topics and has been published extensively. He has served in several leadership positions within the Illinois Chiropractic Society and currently serves as President of the executive board.

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