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ACO is pleased to offer it’s members a new benefit.

The core of the Academy’s mission is to “exchange clinical information and promote continuing education in chiropractic orthopedics”

ChiroUp.com is “an online platform of exceptional evidence-based resources for improving clinical outcomes.”


ChiroUp was founded by association leaders and practicing chiropractors who share a dream to “elevate” their profession. Several years ago, the group recognized that the emerging healthcare market would re-define success into one metric: Clinical Outcomes. The group began collecting clinical resources to help equip chiropractors with current “best practices” -in order to achieve the best clinical outcomes. They connected clinical leaders and Diplomates from nearly every chiropractic specialty to review and synthesize more than 5000 journals and texts into evidence-based synopses for 85 of most common musculoskeletal conditions.

Check out this short video to learn what ChiroUp can do for you


ChiroUp is an incredible resource that allows you to:

  • EDUCATE YOURSELF – Access continually updated, evidence-based protocols for the assessment and management of the most common conditions in easy-to-understand, useful protocols, highlighting the most pertinent assessment and treatment of the most common musculoskeletal conditions. Hundreds of clinical pearls and integrated video links demonstrate the most practical orthopedic tests and treatment techniques.

  • EDUCATE YOUR PATIENTS – Quickly create evidence-based patient condition reports including “lay” descriptions of patient condition(s) with professional illustrations; an overview description of the treatment; frequency & duration of care; outcome goals; appropriate exercises & home advice; and even “red-flag” symptoms to look out for (when appropriate). Reports are highly customizable and can be printed or emailed. Patients can click a link or scan a QR code to view video demonstrations of their specific exercise plan on their computer, tablet or phone.

  • TRACK YOUR OUTCOMES – Most importantly, ChiroUp provides subscribers with valuable feedback regarding patient outcomes and overall satisfaction. Here’s how- 30 days after the clinician prescribes a condition report, their patient is automatically emailed a short, 4-question survey about their experience. Patient responses are compiled on that providers “clinical profile” report. The provider is able to compare outcomes for any given diagnosis with the ChiroUp provider average to determine their strengths and needs. More importantly, the ChiroUp team will be able to identify “star performers” for each diagnosis and (with their permission) share their recipes for success. As a bonus, patients who report “Excellent” outcomes will automatically be given the opportunity to post their comments about their provider to an online review site like Google.

And Now the Benefit…

Academy members are afforded access to ChiroUp.com at a significant discount from the normal subscription rate.

Academy members can receive a 14-day free trial, and thereafter may subscribe for only $99 per month for the first 6 months (normally $149). Members may cancel at any time. To take advantage of this discount, ACO members should use the special promo code – ACO2017 when registering.

Academy Members: Sign up for your free trial now and take advantage of your discounted membership. Simply enter the Promo Code “ACO2017” in the referral field (i.e. How did you hear about ChiroUp)