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Last month, ChiroUp released a Rotator Cuff Clinical Skills Quiz.  This seven-question quiz gained tremendous popularity and was taken by thousands of chiropractors worldwide. We are proud to announce that as an average, ChiroUp subscribers and blog followers significantly outperformed non-subscribers! Congratulations!

Possibly a fluke… but probably not. Now we’d like to see how you compare to the average chiropractor with on our new seven question Vertigo Quiz. As a bonus, you’ll receive our free Vertigo e-guide that outlines every essential evidence-based test, treatment, and exercise.

About the Author

Dr. Tim Bertelsman

Dr. Tim Bertelsman


Dr. Tim Bertelsman graduated with honors from Logan College of Chiropractic and has been practicing in Belleville, IL since 1992. He has lectured nationally on various clinical and business topics and has been published extensively. He has served in several leadership positions within the Illinois Chiropractic Society and currently serves as President of the executive board.

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