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More prospective new patients are turning to the internet to find professional services. The first thing that many people do when searching for a new provider is to research them online. By managing your online profile and making it easy for your clients to add their own reviews, you can quickly grow your reputation as a “top-rated” provider.

Check out the following video where Dr. Steele describes a unique new way to collect online reviews.


Here are four steps to help you maximize your positive online exposure:

 1. Have a presence

Before you can benefit from online reviews, you need to make sure your practice profile is accurate and complete. Search your name and business name on all popular review sites like Google, HealthGrades, Yelp, etc. Don’t forget Facebook – a resource with nearly two billion users and an excellent source of traffic. Make sure each site has your complete information, including contact information, website, email, office hours, and treatment specialties. Most sites also allow photos to be uploaded, so be sure to include your professional photo and your office logo. Keep your information current and fresh.

2. Listen

Regularly monitor what patients say about your business to see how people perceive your office, and remember… you may not receive glowing reviews each time. Providers can sometimes learn from negative reviews, although they rarely come in the form of constructive criticism. Take the time to read these reviews and reach out to the patient that left the review, trying to correct the issue, if possible. If a review is completely false, contact the online review site’s customer service. Unfortunately, patients wishing to share a bad experience are more motivated to post comments than your satisfied supporters. Conversely, abundant positive feedback will make your practice stand out.

 3. Respond

By monitoring your profiles on online review sites every month or every other month, you can note new reviews and follow up with patients. Thanking patients the next time they are in your office or with a simple word or handwritten note is a nice gesture to acknowledge that someone has taken the time to write a review.

4. Ask & automate

Asking for online reviews from satisfied patients is an effective way to grow your e-reputation. Your patients who have experienced good outcomes want to spread the word about their experience. Unfortunately, patient’s lives are filled with many other tasks that prevent them from acting on their good intentions- so you need to make the online review process simple. And ChiroUp helps them do just that in two highly effective ways:

  • Thirty days after you prescribe a ChiroUp condition report your patient is automatically emailed a short, 4-question survey about their experience. Through the survey results, you’ll be able to assess your chiropractic clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. And, your most highly satisfied patients are automatically asked to rate your practice with Google. (Those patients without a Gmail address are directed to Healthgrades.com for the opportunity to leave a review.)
  • Plus, very soon, we will be releasing new functionality that will allow you to email your patient a direct link to your Google review page. So whenever a patient relays an in-office compliment, you can ask them to share their kind words online, immediately. People are most likely to give you feedback at the time of service – the less time between the service and the request, the higher likelihood of getting reviews.


ChiroUp is proud to be a partner for evidence-based chiropractors in delivering exceptional clinical outcomes and automatically marketing those results to the people who matter. If you’ve considered trying ChiroUp but you’re not yet a subscriber, you’re in luck. You can sign up today to receive your first month for only $1 – no contract, no commitment. This incredible offer ends June 5th, so act fast!


P.S. We’re continually looking for new ways to improve ChiroUp. Please use this link to share your suggestions. Everyone who submits an idea will receive our MD marketing e-guidebook, and the best suggestion will win a free year of ChiroSocialMedia automated, evidence-based, and compelling Facebook posts.

About the Author

Dr. Brandon Steele

Dr. Brandon Steele


Dr. Steele began his career at The Central Institute for Human Performance. Dr. Steele has trained with experts including Pavel Kolar, Stuart McGill, Brett Winchester, and Clayton Skaggs. He has been certified in Motion Palpation, DNS, ART, and McKenzie Therapy. Dr. Steele lectures extensively on clinical excellence and evidence-based musculoskeletal management. He currently practices in Swansea, IL and serves on the executive board of the ICS.

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