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As service professionals, “time” is our primary business commodity. But outcomes-driven payors and patients care more about results and satisfaction. Our success as evidence-based chiropractors lies in our ability to harness the power of efficiency without sacrificing the quality of clinical care. Finding clinical processes that marry efficiency with results is a win-win.

Check out the following video demonstration to review our picks for the most simple, yet useful 2-second orthopedic tests you can learn today and implement in practice tomorrow.

Here’s what the European Spine Journal (1) said about the Arm Squeeze Test:

“The test was positive in 295/305 (96.7%) of patients with cervical nerve root compression, compared to 35/903 (3.87%), 3/155 (1.93%), 0/101 (0%), 1/55 (1.81%) and 4/48 (8.33%) of those with rotator cuff tear, adhesive capsulitis, AC arthropathy, calcifying tendonitis and glenohumeral arthritis, respectively. A positive result was obtained in 14/350 asymptomatic subjects (4%). If patients with cervical nerve root compression were compared to controls and patients with shoulder diseases, the test had sensitivity of 0.96 and specificity from 0.91 to 1.0”

Bonus: Most Useful 0-second Business Builder

Having an active Facebook page pays dividends with community exposure and new patients.  People are interviewing you on Facebook daily.  How does your clinic appear to the online world? …vibrant and helpful or lifeless? If you don’t think social media drives patients into the doors of chiropractic clinics, then you are partially right! They are not coming in YOUR door.  They visit your (social media savvy) competition down the street.

Many clinics spend hours each month creating content for their Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Plus, they pay a staff member to post throughout the month. They make this investment because the ROI is high.

There’s a More Efficient Way

ChiroUp can deliver evidence-based content with pictures and videos directly to your Facebook profile DAILY. You do not need to be a ChiroUp network subscriber to use this service. Best of all you can try it for $1 the first month. If you like what you see, you can keep it for only $50 per month.  And yes, just like a ChiroUp network membership- No Contract, No Commitment.  Simply email Becki@ChiroUp.com to get started.

Watch this video to learn more:



  1. Gumina S, Carbone S, Albino P, Gurzi M, Postacchini F. Arm Squeeze Test: a new clinical test to distinguish neck from shoulder pain. European Spine Journal. 2013;22(7):1558-1563.

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